Between planes

María Eugenia Camacho, Ana María Colotti, Ana Carolina Robledo Salas
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Idea projektu

INTERCULTURALITY is the project idea that guides our entire project.
It comes from the abstraction generated from an interaction of the two cultures; this interaction takes place in its outer space, being kind to the context in which it is inserted and in its interior, caused by a central space of which it has a protocolar character.
How do we produce this interculturality?
By implanting plans that are embedded between them in a very simple way.
The project also takes into account the sustainable architecture, which seeks to adapt to the climate of Addis Ababa, through the use of solar panels for the capture of solar energy, on the large deck that runs through the embassy.

Popis projektu

Four volumes arranged in such a way as to generate a central space, covered by a large wooden structure with solar panels interspersed therein.

Technické informace

The whole project has as its main material the Concrete. The main cover that crosses the whole patio, is solved in reticulated wood with glass cloths and interspersed with solar panels.


Teachers of the Workshop VII of Combes, in the National University of Tucumán of Architecture and Urbanism, Argentina.

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