Embassy of The Czech Republic

Sara Kaviani Manesh, Ramesh Ghaderi nia, Mahla Mola Zadeh, Farzaneh Vahidi Far, Fatemeh Khonsari

Idea projektu

Eagle wings are one of the symbols of the Czech Republic.

Popis projektu

Typical plan, site plan, situation plan, decoration plan, sections, elevations, 3D Render.

Technické informace

The construction of the Czech embassy, which is one of the symbols of the country, is an eagle. This building is designed as one of the eagle's wings with screwed corridors
Glasses of existing buildings in the Czech Republic have been taken
The Consulate is the diplomatic mission of a country in another country. Usually the main office, which is basically in the capital, is called the embassy, and offices in other cities are called consulates. At the consulate, there are usually no services provided at the embassy. Consulates do not do political work, they do business only.
These residences are usually run by local people in order to succeed in transferring social and cultural features. The decorations and structure of the indigenous residences are also attributable to the characteristics of the area, and even the food served is also selected from local food. The sustainable development of tourism, the revival of traditional and indigenous values, the contribution of the local community economy and the preservation of the environment are among the opportunities offered by communities to indigenous communities.
Resorts architecture is one of the things that tourists pay great attention to; if the architecture of the resort is eye-catching and pleasing, tourists and travelers are attracted to it. The fascinating and diverse ideas that designers and architects have taken into account in the structure of these structures can be a good example for Iranian architects to use them for the architecture of resorts and interurban residences. In this article, we refer to nine ideas for the design of the resort and the architecture of the resort. Stay up to the end of this article with architects.


Professor Somayeh Ravanshad Nia

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