State of the Art 24/7 Book Bazaar (a market place for books and for readers)

Faisal Rehman Sial
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

Generally the initial idea take place when i saw a spider webs on books almost in every home which i visited, most books are collected by their elders, due to our less interest in books and more interest in gadgets, where i actually stop myself and thought our tradition is almost gone of reading books and learning some new skills, now a days we have just information but what about knowledge? i know i cannot change everything in one night but suddenly i started focusing on architecture of these markets and libraries in our society which is not so attractive towards our young generation they don't want to visit book markets instead they want to buy online, they don't have any seating spaces where they can study or interact with other mates at third place.
So the idea is to create a state of the art friendly book market along with seating spaces in a context where there are less book markets or far from the residential areas of a city like Karachi, Pakistan which population is more than 20 million also where the people take less interest in reading, learning and buying a books. The overall design is to create attraction among people of all age.

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.” – Ray Bradbury

The overall design of market conceptually based on spider webs and their transformation depicts our human attitude toward book. Spider webs and their legs transform into a design.

Popis projektu

On the site/location where i design a book market is one of the most important roads of Karachi which is a main university road where all the major educational institutes take place. Due to this, the location has fairly good urban connections. On the back of the site a large residential area is overlapping. Food stalls and small scale restaurants are nearby which will be attract most of the people to visit the market. In present condition a dozen book stalls are on the site for 20 years which attract there routinely buyers or needy people so it is a great way to turn that place into full scale market for books and make the place state of the art.

The whole design categories into three zone of spaces which is open, semi covered and covered spaces (can be seen in floor plans).

1. The open spaces based on parking and vegetation.
2. Semi covered spaces consist of different seating arrangement for readers, seating area design for multipurpose use and it is in different levels (can be seen in views) along with treatment with in roof by doing ornamentation to create a natural patterns of shadows on floor in the same space also the roof is double height.
3. Covered Space is for book stall kiosks and indoor seating area along with indoor circulation area.

The roof structure is divided into two. The first roof is a solid roof cover all the circulation area and book stalls, it is design to create a diffusing light for indoor seating area and for readers. The second roof which is placed above the first roof cover all the market, the ornamentation done in the second roof to create a natural patterns of shadows on the floor as well as on the first roof. Triangular shape used in over all structure like roof, furniture design, outdoor seating design which is in different levels. Radial spatial organization follows on plan The entrances depicts the design of a book cupboard racks.

Characteristics of a structure:
a. Span between supporting element is strengthen
b. It can sustain wind loads
c. Transmitted daylight
d. Diffuse light for books
e. Reflected heat
f. Controlled sound
g. Airtight and waterproof
h. Low cost and durable
i. Fire resistance

Technické informace

Address: Block 13-B, Gulshan e iqbal, opposite bait ul muqaram Mosque, Main university road, Karachi-Pakistan
Plot size: 280 ft W x 150 ft L or 85.34 m W x 45.72 m L
Covered Area: 42000 sq ft or 3901.9277 sq m
Book Stalls: 32
Accommodation: 150 people at a time

Budget friendly, recyclable, water and fire resistance material used like PVC sheets and Teflon coating fiber glass fiber and also used concrete pier for foundation and steel for strength.
PVC sheet is common, strong but light weight plastic used in construction. It is made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizes. They are easy and fast to install, water resistant, budget and user friendly, hygienic, recyclable, insulating, versatile product. Also Teflon coated of fiber glass fiber use. It has a numerous appealing characteristics that make it a great material when using in building construction including Low coefficient of friction, corrosion resistance, nonporous, excellent machine ability, can handle temperature from -37' C to 260' C, easily resist abrasion. all the detail mention in sections and plans.

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