Apartment Design

Syeda Misda Saba
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

Location: The plot no. of the site is FL-1 Block 3-A, Gulistan e jauhar Karachi , Pakistan. The total plot area is 55120 sq. ft.
My concept is “connection”. To achieve this in my design I have used both physical connections between the building blocks as well as I have designed such common spaces inside the building which will socially connect the people living in that building.

Popis projektu

The common spaces include gym, library, kids play area , community hall and gazebos( pavilion i.e. sitting space)these spaces will help the users come meet and interact at one place and this is how they can all be in touch and connected with each other’s life.

Technické informace

Technical implementations:
1. GARBAGE CHUTE: the major issue I realized in many precedent project in this area was of solid waste management people did not have any proper place to dump the garbage. Therefore I have designed this garbage chute so that people can throw their garbage bags in this chute and it will all be collected in one place rather than throwing here and there.

2. DIY FOUNTAIN: the proper water bodies are not really easy to maintain especially on public places like this when it’s not 1 persons property no one bothers to take responsibility of it so this fountain is just a small water body in the one common garden placed in the center or the site. It would be made with a water pond covered with stone on sides and a pipe would pull the water from inside and bring it towards the up to give it a look or fountain as it small it will also be easy to clean can be done by one gardener only .

3. GREEN ROOFS: the apartment roofs are green roofs to make it a sustainable design the purpose of adding green roof is that it absorbs rain water , provides better insulation , is aesthetically pleasing and lowers the surrounding temperature

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