Aqsa mansoori
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

After the hard research, studies and methods of different boys hostel, assimilated about the behavior of boys. I endeavoured optimum proposal ever. An iconic boys hostel in the factor/context of gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, Pakistan. (As Pakistan is known for conventional architecture) the most of the buildings were build in conventional methods. I endeavoured, to make the change and create some new technologies , methods and created new identity of Pakistan. The concept taken from the hockey ground where a player passes a ball to another player and same chain goes on. Its created a movement. I have tried to make optimum soft and hard landscape in movement way outside of the building, so the boys would enjoy the natural environment and couldn't stuck in their rooms.
1. The pavilion which boys would sit ,play and enjoy the fresh air.
2.The immense ground for boys where they would play and do some sport activities.
3. Centrally located water body in between the structure to make environment cool and also where boys sits and adore the nature.
4. From underneath the structure the space use as a soft landscaping.
5..Place the site along with parking area , and adjacent to the hockey ground
the city completely overlooks the building and attracts sightseer, tourists and travelers.

Popis projektu

The hardest thing to work with curves because it creates so many negative spaces. So assured to myself if I m choosing curves, so definitely, face all the problems and try to find the solutions. sometimes I gave up and fed up all such curves to make me annoyed but I'd really want to work with curves, so I encouraged myself and turned back to curves and found all the solutions. I broke the circle into different semi circles and found some irregular forms, and it perfectly persuade the concept, that's is movement, fluidity.
created vistas by different levels, an attractive viewpoint indicating the iconic building, created ramp in front of main entrance along the different level of steps where boys could sit and adore the environment. Boys are moving correspondent to the building as if they were moving along the building,
Designed to convince the boys, they would feel relaxed and comfortable without any type of fatigue or boredom.
A space with full of energy ,enjoyment, friendly services, eco friendly, and attractive, a space with noticeable.

Technické informace

The iconic boys hostel promptly given to 50 students .The site was 390'-0"X180'-0"=70200sqft.
The semi covered spaces to optimum environment cool. By focusing on the external structure to the internal structure, I created façade with vertical fins for directly sunlight in to the building(A wall of natural light). The columns of the buildings make me annoyed as I wanted all my space is free from columns to make underneath the garden of the structure. So what I did created columns in only the side walls (typical first floor structure) and all columns taken from outside of the structure with connecting beams and then took the columns longer and longer, created vertical pergolas (external structure) to support my other form of structure as it is only rest the ground floor. It transfer the all load of building and found the solution to make my space free from columns.
Created water bodies in between the building and adjacent the building to make environment cool ( as Karachi, Pakistan is known for the hottest climate.
The hostel has many terraces for relaxing, resting, reading or any activity without fatigue. The main focus to built natural environment in term of soft and hard landscaping, I tried to make and perfectly match with structure, so I did to make all in regarding movement and fluidity, pathways, garden, waterbodies etc.
The immense entrance of ramp along with steps makes the structure impressive.
The ground floor coincide reception, on the other hand waiting area, office room, staircase, warden room along with attached bathroom and kitchen, the immense dining area with kitchen, consist of prayer hall along with abulation area.
The typical first floor coincide six dorms, bathroom facilities, gymnasium,
library, pantry, a wide passage/corridor along with sitting space for use to go immensive terrace. The huge terraces for connect relation between the outdoor and indoor environment.
The pavilion is for sitting and enjoying the nature, as boys are not stays longer in their rooms, they want free, they want independency (the Independent polity or movement), they want to play, they are joyful, loaded of energy. They want to play rather to stuck in a room. so I endeavoured, created immense ground for sport activities.
Now, the materials which I have chose for my design is reinforced cement concrete(R.C.C), glass, irregular shape of stone for pathways, tiles for (interior flooring), all furniture by wooden.
Neem trees,Palm trees,Magnolia liliiflora, hollies, junipers (that have thick branches at ground level provide excellent noise reduction), shrubs, Eastern white pine,Venus’ Dogwood were chose to implement on iconic boys hostel.
Iconic hostel is stable,it will assist building to perch on cliffs and heights.
It also promotes the relation between outside and inside.


Aqsa Mansoori

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