The Sustainable Pavilion

BM3 , Sabeh Murtaza
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

Designing the Pavilion within the university context for students. Using different techniques and materials to achieve following goal ;
1) Less cost construction
2) Pleasing to eyes
3) Comforting environment through Natural Environment
4) Less wastage of water
5) Sensation Comforts
6) Durable

Popis projektu

The site was 1500sq.ft. The flexible architectural Pavilion which is sculptural, visually pleasing and comfortable in naturally ventilated condition and can shelter different functions.
The main material used is "wood", then concrete and iron/steel/Aluminium for the support of structure.
The concept is "Wave", Which can be seen through structure's form.

Technické informace

Pabbles are in use to decorate the outer part of sitting areas, which are given in form of stairs/steps.
The flowing water is settled which will give soothing and pleasent effects to the students sitting there, as the voice of flowing water gives peaceful effects to the listener.
But the water cycle will be installed through filters and machine which will recycle the water, instead of throwing it down.
In the plan we can see the "net" which is created as an opening for the natural breezes or raindrops , as our context is karachi which is hottest areas in pakistan.
To avoid the unnecessary effects of weather we have designed the ceiling part as it can be close/open easily, sometimes to avoid heavy rain or hot vibes.
The place for plants has been designed to give natural environment and beauty in the interior.


Masooma Dawood, Bushra khan, Maham Khan, Syeda Misda Saba , Syed Sabeh Murtaza

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