Iconic Boys Hostel

Masooma Dawood, Zulfiqar Ali
Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

Idea projektu

Proposing an Iconic youth hostel in Karachi, Pakistan. it will be ground breaking design within its context "Gulshan Iqbal, karachi". While designing the form of building we have taken account the word "connectivity". We have tried our best to create connectivities between indoor and outdooe spaces which will create best relationship between students and natural environment so that the students couldn't just remain in their rooms, they will expeirence the pavilion and outer landscape and sports activities which will fresh them physically and emotionally too.

Popis projektu

At first stage we tried to extract the form through curves and we tried to study the naturally and emotionally behaviour of "boys" as it was for the boys.Later on our form was like "blade" (a kind of cutter machine) but we faced the problems of negative places in it, for a while we thought to skip working on curves but later we took is as challenge as it was our first experience on curves.
Then we decided to take Circles and semi circles as the circle is a shape which has no ending point or starting point visiually which relflects my concept endless connectivity.

Technické informace

The project was willing to touch the ground initially for 50 to 60 students only on the site of 390'x180' (ft).
The ground floor has 12 rooms with Administration office, Conference room, tv longue, storage and a prayer hall. All amenties have certain connections with landscape design through windows and openings.
The first floor has 12 rooms and guest room, projector room, warden office, control room and the cafe area along kitchen. For the relation with outdoor and natural environment the corridor has been used in such a way that almost every amenties faces the central open area of hostel which provides natural light and balcony type portion through the corridor.
For the exterior design we have used material such as wood, concrete, stone, glass, tile and rubber floor.
The step lights on the lowest part of building has been used which is to provide a light during night and this modern lighting is energy efficient, long lasting and able to run on low voltage. its also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures.
As karachi is one of hottest place in Pakistan, we should take maximum advantage of solar energy, the solar panels has been settled down on the roof of building to avoid electricity's high bills.


Masooma Dawood
Zulfiqar Ali

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