Festival tower for Rock for people - dancer

Tereza Hlavsová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

location: Hradec Králové airport area
assignment: iconic tower of the Rock for People complex

The aim of this work was to design a permanent architectural landmark and a landmark for the Rock for People music festival, which is held annually. As this area is vast, often visited by tens of thousands of spectators, the landmark - tower design is an appropriate complement to the area, especially to enhance security and orientation in the area. Since the festival has its own spirit, it should radiate the tower with the same magic and fully represent it. For this reason, the tower was designed as a dancer reacting to music from adjacent stages.

To make the tower a true orientation element, it is located in the center of the complex, in the straight line of the main stage and the entrance gate. It is located right in the middle of the main communication node, but it does not prevent the passage of the crowd - on the contrary, it directs and guides visitors.

Popis projektu

The concept of the project is based on a triangular core that is conveniently oriented to the 2 largest stage. Thanks to this, the visitor is able to view the entire area and, in good weather, view the Giant Mountains. The last floor of the tower serves as a view.

Just as a dancer cannot do without a suit, he has his own tower. In order to express the curves of the dancer, his cloak is stretched by triangular curves that wrap around the core. This creates the dynamic movement of the dancer and its graceful curve.

The overall impression of the tower is underlined by the dynamically elevating centerpiece peak.

Technické informace


The supporting structure is 34.5 meters high. It is designed from steel welded and rolled elements in combination with colored textile strips.

The main bearing element is the three L-pillars that carry the staircase and the outer shell. In order to provide the core stiffness, the inner columns are coupled with steel bars. This makes the columns more evenly loaded.

Consoles for the triangular staircase are carried from the inner core. The outer structure of the tire is further supported from these brackets. For greater rigidity in the direction of the plane of the shell, all the rings are vertically connected and anchored to the ground.

All platforms or scales are formed by an anti-slip sheet which is mounted on L beams clamped on the UPE elements. They form the basic bearing structure of both staircases and landings or observation platforms. A steel railing is attached to the UPE beams by means of a screw connection, the main surfaces of which are steel mesh. All details are addressed in the attached documentation.

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