Czech Embassy - Addis Abeba

Anna Šimková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The goal of the design was to design buildings, which will represent our Republic and which will provide good conditions for the employees. That is why the plat is diagonaly dividet into two parts - official area and residencial area. It was also very importatnt to design place where European and African culutures meet and cooperate together. This connestion is represented by a fence wall around the embassy plat, which symbolizes the borderline between these different cultures. It makes the plat safe, but also opens the land to an outside world through the perforated brick parts.
Because of the climate conditions the shape is designed to connect interior and exterior as possible. The roofs are designed with long console, which together with outdoor blinds prevent solar gains and it also let people spend their time outside during long rainy season from June to September. Perforated brick pillars on the ground floor have both shielding and artistic functionss.
Two main materials are used - concrete and bricks. These materials represent two different cultures. The concrete represents modern world and technical progress. The bricks represent the color and traditions of Africa. Above that both materials are easy to produce all around the World.

Popis projektu

Four buildings was designed - Official Embassy Building, Residence, Terraced House and Consular and Visa Premises.

Official Embassy Building is the most importatnt building of the embassy grounds. It has two main purposes - representative function and administrative function.
Whole ground floor is designed for official events, official meetings and its support (stocks, kitchen, changing room for employees etc.). Main rooms (Assembly Hall, Meeting Room and Dinning Room) are conected with large garden on the North-East. These rooms are accessible from entrance hall, which connects all representative rooms with toilets and also with administrative part of the building. Visits can reach main entrance by car.
There is also a side entrance for employees, which is connected to a coridor, which leads you to the lifts and staircase. Office section A is situated on the second floor, office sections B, C and D are situated on the third floor. All offices are connected with large terrace around the building. Ten parking places, supply parking place, technical support rooms, storages, replecement power suplly, UPS + battery and laundry room are situated in the basement. Food storage and a freezer are conected with the kitchen by a small food lift.

Residence has two main purposes - living of Ambasador´s family and holding smaller official meetings. That is why ground floor is divided into two parts - private and representational. Representational entry brings the visits into entrance hall which makes connection between Meeting Room, Dinning Room and toilets. Meeting Room and Dinning Room are connected with terrace and large garden. Entry for employees is situated on the East.
Entry to residential part is hiden a little bit, so it can´t be mistaken for official entrance. Living room, dinning room, kitchen and guest apartment are situated on the ground floor. Private rooms (study room, bedrooms and bathrooms) are situated on the second floor. Every room has access to a large terrace. Three parking places and technical equipment are situated in the basement.

Terraced house is two-storey building designed for embassy employees. Entrances are oriented to the official garden, but the line of trees is situated in between, , so it works privately.
Apartments have common garden with South-East orientation. Playground and multifunction sport field is situated near the garden. The roofs are designed with long console, which together with outdoor blinds prevent solar gains and it also let people spend their time outside during long rainy season from June to September. There is a large terrace on the second floor and it can be divided with mobile walls as it´s needed. Apartments of different sizes are designed - 2 x 1kk (courier accomodation, which are accessible from the garden), 4 x 2+1, 3 x 4+1 and 2 x 4+1. Common rooms (living rooms, dinning rooms, kitchens) are situated on the ground floor and private rooms (bedrooms and bathrooms) are situated on the second floor. Living rooms and bedrooms are connected with the terrace. There are stocks for apartments, underground parking and technical support in the basement. There is a lift for residents to get to the basement.

Technické informace

Supporting and external constructions are made of concrete.
The roofs are designed with long console, which together with outdoor blinds (instaled on all windows) prevent solar gains and it also let people spend their time outside during long rainy season from June to September
Climate conditions are because of a height above sea level quite similar to conditions in the Czech Republic, but with significant differences between night and day temperatures. A night pre-cooling is designed, so the building dosen´t need a lot of energy for cooling. There will be a concrete walls with, so the accumulation ability is very good.
Air-conditioning, heating and cooling (depending on calculations) are designed.
Heating is provided by a heat pump (water - soil) with reverse ability.
Photovoltaic panels will be instaled on the roof.
Rain water will be accumulated and used for garden maintenance.


prof. Akad. arch. Mikuláš Hulec
Ing. arch. Jiří Pošmourný
Ing. MgA. Petr Tej, PhD.

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