Urban Design and Landscape

Redevelopment of Townhall Market Area at Mohammadpur, Dhaka

Md. Khairul Islam
Sonargaon University (SU),

Project idea

Creating an urban hub at the heart of neighborhood by connecting the urban voids.

Project description

Redevelopment of town hall market area at mohammadpur
Mohammadpur Town Hall Market is the most popular place on Mohammadpur and Town hall market is an old neigborhood center. All types of products we can get from here and it is very crowded place. Noq a days all types of elements which actually daily needs of a neigbborhood can get it from here. Such as “Councilor office, Super market, Kacha bazar, library, Mosque, play field, park etc exist.
But the problem is the building of town hall market faces structural vulnerability, political dispute, increase urban informal market growth, open spaces became urban voids, traffic congestion.
The aim is to redevelop mohammadpur town hall market area and create a hub of the heart of neighborhood by connecting the urban voids.

Technical information

I used Drone for existing scenario shoots , Auto Cad software for Drawings, Photoshop for post processing, 3ds max Studio for 3d modeling v-ray for rendering, Lumion for animation and rendering, After effect for animation sound and others, Power point for presentation .

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