Individual House

Victor Stefan
Universitatea Tehnică Cluj-Napoca, Facultatea de Arhitectură, Cluj-Napoca

Idea projektu

For this 5th year project, i had 2 weeks to make an individual house of 100 square metres. The site is located in Cluj Napoca, Caisilor street. The goal was to learn how to make a minimal house in a short deadline, to work with rules and norms and to make a house with ecological architectural principles.

Popis projektu

Beside the rules and norms another problem was adaptation on the site because the terrain is in the slope. Then, in this context, the General Urban Planning mentions that i'm not allowed to use terrace roof and because another rule mentions a restrictive height, i was forced to solve at the upper floor with throught mansard. The Site is positioned like end-to-end perspective by one of the streets. In the southern part of the site are a series of public outdoor stairs that links the area of individual houses with collective houses from the top. Another goal of the project was to use one or two architectural ecologic principles.

Technické informace

Situation Plan presents the relation with the context and the pozition on the site.The groud floor presents a minimal partition of the house. The entrance si positioned in the south side of the site to be intimate, not to be exposed directly from the street. In the other way, on the side with the entrance is positioned the living room with a large part of window witch in the cold season the sun can get in and heats the interior space and in the warm season, the presence of trees blocks the sun's rays to penetrate strongly inside. Another ecological way is the presence of the fireplace in the living. The fireplace in warm season can naturally ventillate the interior space and in cold season can heat it. In interior we can see an wind-fang , kitchen, living room with a , an buffer-space were you can store different things, and a small bathroom for visitors. At the secound floor , there are 2 bedrooms with a large bathroom for both. The visualizations are presenting the relationship with the street( how i see house being out of perspective ) , the entrance with the terrain model, the way how architecture is presente on the warm season and is not masked by the trees(almost in this perspective we can see how i resolved the drainage of rainwater through chains) and the backfront of the house with a small terrace.

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