School for gifted students

Aboras Adnan Yousef Abdullah
Southern Federal University Academy of Architecture and Arts

Idea projektu

The project's idea is to create a building that merges in its environment and matches the surrounding style of buildings, but with a modern twist to it. Thus, in designing this school we were trying to create a building that would fit in its area.

Popis projektu

The main requirement was to create an educational complex where school students can reach their full potential. The building, functionally, consists of three different parts; elementary, middle and high school. And each part is isolated from the other. There is a big set of special classes where students can learn different skills. Such as drawings, music, computer skills, singing, etc. There is also a library, a big hall for meetings and concerts and a big number
of out-side sport courts.

Technické informace

The building consists of three floors that are different in their size and configurations giving a dynamic to it. It stands on reinforced concrete walls 500 mm beside columns 400*400 mm
The building is surrounded with a black steel frame that covers the building giving it a tint of modern architecture and simultaneously preserving its architectural style. The building has a contrast white and black color that was chosen to create a quite but expressive color spectrum.
The territory of the building has two entrances; the main one and another service entrance.

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