F10 Gallery

Laleen Achakzai
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Department of Architecture and Design, Islamabad

Project idea

Placemaking, in retrospect, is the name given to the process that architects and designers use to create successful public spaces. This is an ideology that encourages us to think of parks and public squares as dwellings for the citizen and a public extension of their homes. While designing, the context should not be ignored but rather incorporated into the design itself, this is because the cultural and individual identities of people are interlinked and one compliments the other.
Placemaking in important for improving the lifestyle of people. It is important for improving the quality of the various places present in the neighborhood, region, community.
This encourages more people to use the space and that is why the creation of spaces that inspire a sense of belonging is a huge aspect of place making.

Project description

F-10 markaz is an ideal case of an awesome open place in Islamabad. It goes about as focal center point for the inhabitants of this zone as well as for individuals from far off giving a wide range of offices at one place. It is planned productively with different doorways and ways out making a simple access for a vast group of individuals, keeping them occupied in an assortment of exercises.

An intervention had to be made by creating an exhibion space in order to give people a chance of a better recreational activity. A way of breaking through their same old monotonous routine and a way to interact with people.
The design challenges were, the selection of a site in the whole markez keeping in mind the culture of the whole space. Then coming up with a design that is not only useful but also becomes a part of the whole site making it seem like its always been a part of this area. Designing open spaces which improves the experience of the user.

This was achieved by the approach of form finding which help in coming up with a design and also by the help of place making

Technical information

I choose the particular site because it has all the facilities that an individual requires. Also there is an large empty chuck which allow north light to enter into the site giving it natural light. As it is the focal point of the markaz it attracts majority of the users passing by and it being connected to the main road restricts the user to first go through this part then spread out. Its also a potential site because it is close to all the eateries and main businesses.
The structural of the building is Voronoi structure. the design challenge was to understand the requirements of an gallery and plan it in accordance to the chosen structure

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