Anne Rotter, Julien Reinhart
University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz, Department the architecture programme, Linz

Project idea

The design project is located in the Bregenzerwald, an area in western Austria, in Vorarlberg. This region is characterized by a society that lives consciously autonomous and self-determined. Many communities have initiated development processes on their own by highlighting particularities and potentials and thus living a strong social network.
The Neuland* is dedicated to the center design of the municipality of Egg. The village is located in the central area of ​​the Bregenzerwald at about 600 m altitude and is with its approximately 3500 inhabitants, the largest municipality in the Bregenzerwald and an economic center. Egg is framed by gently rising mountain slopes, embedded in a wide landscape. The settlement structure has a star-shaped extension with generous grazing areas spread in between. The center is characterized by bustle - trade, commerce, gastronomy and offers a complex range of regionally significant services.

Project description

The Neuland* is dedicated to investigating the village center and finding densification scenarios for the center of the village. The planning area includes the parish hall, on the site of the former train station. Due to its location, this area offers many opportunities for future development. Multipurpose rooms with switchable areas that allow living, office or services. In summary, the project addressed rural areas and their future, social and functional mix, the integration of work and housing, of all ages, and the importance of public space for a functioning social life.

The Neuland* around the parish hall creates fresh rooms that make this area a focal point of Egg. The quarter will be a future meeting place in the everyday life of the inhabitants from Egg. It offers a versatile occupied place that can be experienced across social and generational classes. Varieties of apartments offer room for different lifestyles and life situations.
With our design, we create two worlds that are separated by a row building. In the upper area is the busy life, which is formally and functionally aligned to the existing community center, in the lower a quiet residential courtyard with access to the center and public transport of Egg. A breakthrough in the row building connects these two worlds. The entire new territory is planned car-free, but the main axes are generously planned for delivery and rescue traffic.
The public space, which expands and narrows between the buildings, invites you to linger, wander through and communicate. For residents, the Neuland* provides access to the center, but also provides everything to be a social and everyday center in Egg. The placement of the buildings and the breakthrough as well as the indentations on the ground floor create exciting public or private areas. Along the main axes, which connects east to west, offers shops, offices and squares with views as well as a workshop.
The Neuland* of Egg adapts to the terrain and grain of the surrounding buildings and condenses a central area into a more urban structure. Neuland* is characterized by the fact that it is animated by its mixed use during the whole day - it creates encounters.

*Neuland in our sense defines to bring new structures to rural areas as well respecting the existing surrounding in an empathetic and sustainable way.

Technical information

The entire structure is built on a grid to be as flexible as possible in the floor plan. This grid extends from the underground car park, which offers parking for residents and workers, as well as visitors of the area, on all floors. The components above the earth level are set in timber construction. In the more public areas, the base facades are made in exposed concrete. The remaining facades are clad with a wood-lamellar structure, which alternates between horizontal and vertical.

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