Motel on the tree O2

Olga Vasilchenko
Academy of Architecture and Arts

Idea projektu

The hotel on the trees is a perfect combination of architecture and natural environment.
In the green forest crowns, in a place untouched by industrialization, where you can still see the traces of animals and birds, there is an unusual forest hotel called O2
The hotel is supposed to be attached next to the tree trunk. The frame of the hotel is a light aluminum structure, the outer surface of the object will be covered with environmental and natural materials, which will allow the hotel to "merge with nature" — a cozy nest from the ground is almost imperceptible. Guests can stay here all year round.
All rooms are separated from each other and have a private entrance.
The hotel is designed to blend harmoniously into the forest environment without changing it.
Each room is supplied with electricity and all communications, so that guests will feel comfortable.

Popis projektu

The hotel's design proposal is designed so as not to disturb the integrity of the ecosystem in the place where it is built, and at the same time to exist completely isolated: the rooms are made of safe materials and use alternative energy sources (energy from waste processing and solar panels). That is , according to the plan, like trees, this house should not absorb, but produce energy. And to build a hotel with capsule isolated rooms, you can almost anywhere.

Technické informace

The main part of the work is sketch and contains sketch drawings

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