Zero Waste Village

Faisal Bazarah
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Jordánské království

Idea projektu

We created our extension out of the existing facility in terms of sustainability to contain waste consequences on both physical and behavior levels under one environment. Physical aspect aims to treat all kind of waste includes three parts:
First: Redesign existing biogas plant.
Second: create a solid waste treatment facility daily recycling waste of paper, plastic, glass, and metals.
Third: commercial zone includes a local recycling market with warehouse, workshops, aims to let inhabitants to fix and sell their own waste such as furniture and fabrics.

Behavior aspect aims to change our culture against waste, by creating educational, entertainment mspaces to aware about waste and environmental issues, by interactive experience. We attempted to
achieve economical, educational and environmental values interacts with the context.

Popis projektu

Environmental issues forms a core part of our future, in this era we live in various environmental issues the outcome of the industrial revolution and consumption behavior, waste issue that our world face today is one of its consequences, an environmental crisis threatens next generations, and governments seeking solutions to minimize it negative impacts on air and land and seas.

Historical Background
Our site is located in Abu-Sayah village which embraced Al-Rsaifa former landfill which was the largest in Jordan till 1994, the village located Al-zarqa district that produces the highest carbon emissions in the country. This site has been used as phosphate mine then a random landfill after, it become a dangerous environmental threat and it has been closed, to resolve this issue a UN proposal has been applied, which includes rehabilitate the destructed land, and treat the waste with an environmental methods, the first isn’t applied yet, and the second which we’ve worked on is the biogas plant facility aims to treat lanfill waste and receive daily organic waste.

Biogas plant is a waste-to-energy sustainable facility works on producing biogas out of waste leachate, and process it in multiple stages generates electricity in the end. Later after marching population of the village, it becomes a strange body violates the urban context, and after complains it’s almost closed, and threaten of total closure. The project considered pilot and the only of its kind in the region, and has the uniqueness of function and context. Al-Rsaifa landfill is a typical case of environmental destruction that human has made in all over the world. Based on these factors we’ve chosen this site.

We started to reform the relationships between the combinations of: human, machine and nature, and attempt to reconcile between the paradox of the industrial environment and nature, and human position between them. We designed a new concept of an industrial-architectural facility, in aim to redefine our relationship with waste from unwanted material to a resource material, and it’s possible to live with our waste in one transparent world, where no waste goes to landfill or incinerating, and waste can be our fuel instead our environmental threat. This project can represents the prototype of the zero waste village.

Technické informace

Biogas plant has multiple functions includes: water treatment system, fertilization system, we utilize the system to power our project, parallel to these, we designed a roof lighting system integrated with space
and frame truss structure divided into 2x1 m gridto install pv panels



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