The ArtiSEAN Hub- An Exposition and Commercial Centre for Southeast Asian Region

Lailani Landicho
University of the East- Caloocan

Idea projektu

Local crafts are part of the culture of every Southeast Asian countries which is slowly diminishing because of technology and modernism. As part of globalization, traditions and trademark of each country should still remain even the developments is on going.

The ArtiSEAN Hub, An Exposition and Commercial Centre for Southeast Asian Region that will be located in Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City, Quezon Province is a commercial use project that is intended to be responsive in some areas of the goals and objectives of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Since trade is part of the AEC, one aspect that can initiate trade is adapted to formulate to the said proposal which is by showcasing and exhibition. The project will house different amenities providing the needs of the Southeast Asian residents in term of endorsing local products. An exposition hall for annual event of endorsing ASEAN wide products and CALABARZON local products. An ASEAN commercial establishment for retail purposes. Lastly is an ASEAN Central Park of Interaction is also included being the socialization point of the development. This proposal will be the first ever ASEAN themed project consisting of different uses and facilities in the country.

Popis projektu

ArtiSEAN Hub comes from the word "artisans" and "ASEAN" meaning the artisans of ASEAN. The development itself focuses on showcasing the crafts and products of the ASEAN member states.

The project is proposed to be built in Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City, Quezon Province and will serve as a center for the works of artisans of both local CALABARZON region and the 10 ASEAN country.

Technické informace

Location: Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines
Total Lot Area: 111,589.836 square meters

The study focuses primarily on the design approaches of an ArtiSEAN Hub that will serve as the showcasing and selling of product of the ASEAN nation in the Philippines, particularly the dry goods and crafts. The study also focuses on the components and elements of a mall and exhibition hall development with the application of other country’s architectural styles. This also covers the study of site suitability and site context to carefully develop a responsible design to produce a well-blended architectural edifice in the area. It focuses majorly on the architectural aspects, especially the adaptation of the architectural designs of the 10 ASEAN countries that must be applied in the project which will be part of the concept. Aside from that, for the scope of its function, this will only focus on how to exhibit, sell and endorse dry products of the CALABARZON and ASEAN region in order to initiate trading. Bulk orders, storing of large products, warehouses and deep trading aspect of the ASEAN regions are not included as part of the ArtiSEAN Hub. Since mall development is related to the proposal, elements and ideas associated is also part of the scope.

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