Chrysalide Amphitheater

Ali Bendimerad
Institut d'architecture de Tlemcen (Université d'Abou Bakr Belkaid,faculté des sciences de l'ingénieur), Tlemcen

Idea projektu

The aim is to give not just a destination, but an experience for the walker as well as anyone who is actually there for a show. It is an amphitheater, yet it is first a monument in the park, an architectural structure and a public artwork, ready to be engaged at any given moment.

Popis projektu

the project offers an original design while it satisfies the standard box dimensions required by a theater typology. The Chrysalide Amphitheater is developed as a light and organic shell that suits the natural context of the site, dimensioned and structured for official events, including the performances of musicians and the requirements of their equipment and lighting rigs.
The initial shape is an ellipsoid shell similar to an envelope of a chrysalis. Its interest is that it amplifies the sound vibrations in every point inside the amphitheater.
The project is turned towards the outside environment by fitting out a suspended roof to welcome the public.
The lateral and zenithal openings allow to appreciate the natural landscape in which the project fits.

Technické informace

Material: Profiled Panel Systems, Galvanized Steel skeleton, Semi-transparent glazing.
Surface Area: 1560 m²

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