School of colors

Mohammad Khodabandehloo
Shahid Beheshti University, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Department of Architecture, Tehran

Idea projektu

Color, perhaps the most important feature of the world of children can be summed up in this word.
Because the description of the world of childhood, a world of passion, excitement and vileness without color is impossible.
Children are busy exploring their world with all energy، to reach this goal ,Removing visual – circulation and touch & … limitations is very important in the design of elementary school.
- Use the main colors in the project and Use the yellow color as the Dominant color " As a knowledge symbol"
- Creating a simple form but stimulus to figure out
- Several routes for entering and checking the places in which they are located
- Possibility to change the appearance of the school and its class "as far as possible - by turning the louvers"
- seeing the movement in the building and seeing places like lobby - staircase and corridors
- Display of the facility to the extent permitted
- A yard for each block that can be shared

The result of the above mentioned, in addition to the functional, structural and climate points, led to the design of the “school of colors” school.

Popis projektu

The school grounds is located at an approximate area of 2,300 meters on West Beyzavi Avenue in the Evin District, "Mountainous Region" in Tehran.
The goal was to design an elementary school with an approximate base of 2200 meters and 12 classes and other spaces.
The full description of the images is more comprehensible.

Technické informace

The school building was designed in 4 floors
Service spaces are located in the basement.
The management offices and the laboratory and the workshop are located in the ground floor.
And Classes are located in the first and second floors.
The building has 3 separate blocks for the first -the second and third elementary levels” The first level consists of the first and second Primary, the second level consists of the third and Fourth Primary and the Third level consists of the Fifth and sixth Primary”.

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