Raise your voice.

Haitham Al Gharaibeh
Jordan University of Science and Technology
Jordánské království

Project idea

It should be socially acceptable to discuss who we are, so my project will be a platform for anyone who wants to share, argue or give a help to patients who suffers from mental illness.

Project description

The main idea was to create a building that comes out from the ground, metaphorically representing how mental health is buried under the ground and no one knows or talks about it, bringing it out of shadows and into the light is what’s going to help people to access better treatment to feel more supported to feel less isolated and live a life that’s meaningful and happy.

Technical information

The main element used in the project is the monumental wall, defining the path of circulation, acting as a structural element and contains the main services, The idea behind that is that how can we use the Barriers that we face and Turn them into Opportunities.

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