The D-Pod

Richard Krajnak
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering

Idea projektu

Idea of my project D--Pod (Dorms Podolí, Prague) is to create a new form of living for exchange students who come to Prague in a very special place in the city centre. The main structure is build of shipping containers which thematically belong to harbour, where the building is situated.

Popis projektu

This project consist of 3 independent houses, but it attracts everyone who is going by and everyone know it belongs together. D-Pod is two level bulding, where first one is designed as common space for socialization of residents and second one is private working and sleeping place for every single resident.

Technické informace

As I said, project is designed to be made from shipping containers organized to similar look with different characteristic color. Houses are floating on the river Vltava, thanks to porous concrete pontoon. First level is same in every D-Pod, but the upper level is different. Arrangement of containers are inspired by the game Boats and Tetris.



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