Community center

Žofia Uhrínová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering

Idea projektu

The aim of this project was to create a variable building system that can adapt on every terrain (building on an unkown place). My idea was to create a modular architecture by using a system that can be put together in various combinations. I decided to work with beehive structure – hexagons because of its geometry. Positioning of the elements are giving a freedom in creating and are building interesting rooms every single time.

Popis projektu

In this project, community center for asylum-seekers, there were built elements of hexagons that are creating these rooms: small entrance hall, room for children („kindergarten“)-with its sanitary facility, social space, kitchen, and toilets. Every hexagon has its function. Some of them are opened and some of them closed- which depends on functions of the building. The room of kindergarten is equipped with triangle pads, that can be fastened on the walls (and create a colourful picutre) or put down to create a seating and sleeping possibility.

Technické informace

And how can be reached the flexibility of construction? By using columns that are hiden under the wood fascade and are helping to build on every terrain. On this columns comes the construction-grids that are holding the triangle underconstruction. After these, there are simple elements that you can use-3 variants of walls: wall, wall with the door, wall with the window.

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