Voi Cultural Centre, Voi, Kenya

Yassin Munyanya
University of Nairobi, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Design

Idea projektu

The project is set in a rich, yet complex socio-economic and cultural context with
numerous opportunities and challenges, in the countryside setting.
The project has been designed to come up with a centre that encapsulates the culture of the local people within Voi County,
This project has been entirely done by me, any pictures in the submission have also been taken, personally, by me.

Popis projektu

The aim of the project is to design the Voi Cultural Centre in Voi Sub County.
The Centre should encapsulate cultural values and norms of the
Taita Taveta People. It should be inspirational, a source of employment and business, the pride of the citizenry.
It should have spaces to display, performs, represent and partake of the rich cultural traditions.

Technické informace

Walls are primarily made of brick which is very available in the local area, with concrete being occasionally used to reinforce and complement the structural integrity.

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