Conversion of the former brewery

Michaela Zámečníková
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Česká Republika

Idea projektu

The main target was to create a new function for the abandoned building of the former cold stack.

Popis projektu

The building of the former cold stack is located in Prague 4, Nusle, in the area of the Nusel brewery. Redundant structures was removed. The existing cellar spaces are retained and now they are creating new entrance and pre-space, thanks to the soil excavation. Due to the pre-space, the light also gets into the cellar. Inside the building, the upper floor was removed, creating an open space up to the wooden truss. Now the open space of the stack building works as a cafe with a special purpose, especially for students. The underground floor features a gym, exercise halls and a student spa with wellness. The whole design is complemented by embedded elements, in the interior are suspended boxes, sitting relaxing staircases, cafe and mass with backgrounds. In the exterior, the embedded element is a lift that connects all height levels of the building. The building of the stack is plastered, the cellars are left in the original raw state.

Technické informace

The original building was preserved, the cellars were preserved too. Adjacent annexes have been removed. There was created a large space with backgrounds in the interior of the building.

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