Stadium tribune

Iliyan Angelov
UACEG - University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Sofia, Bulgaria

Project idea

The project aims to replace an old stadium tribune with a new one providing more seatings and facilities for visitors (including people with disabilities) and new facilities for athletes (including people with disabilities).

Project description

The building is oriented along the north-south axis with its longitudinal axis, with an entrance from the east and a stadium from the west, so a seamless game is provided. It has four levels - two underground and two aboveground; and it can be accessed through 20 ramps - ten for the aboveground and ten for the underground levels.
Level -2 consists of men's and women's dressing rooms (including people with disabilities), sanitary facilities (including people with disabilities), four gymnasiums - two bigger ones and two smaller ones, and medical facilities. It has a direct connection with the stadium.
Level -1 houses administration offices, sanitary facilities (including people with disabilities), a sport events hall, and technical room.
At level +1 there are two cafeterias and sanitary facilities (including people with disabilities) for visitors.
Level +2 is an observation platform with view of the stadium to the west and the entrance to the east.
Formfinding combines the buildings and the typical behavior of athletes and follows the analysis of randomly selected already existing tribunes, characterized by three parts: an upper horizontal part that serves as a cover, a middle diagonal part on which the viewers are located, and the ground as a lower horizontal part serving as base on which the building steps. Like the tribune analysis, the bodies of the athletes in moments of joy can be divided into the same three parts as the tribunes: the upper horizontal part is the outstretched arms, the middle diagonal part is the body, the lower horizontal part is the legs.

Technical information

The site takes up a land area of 17,354.000 square meters.
The building has a total floorage of 3,645.000 square meters and build-up areas for the individual levels as follows:
Level -2: 1263.000 square meters
Level -1: 1200.000 square meters
Level +1: 785.000 square meters
Level +2: 396.000 square meters
The stadium tribune has been devided into 8 sectors: each sector consists of 4 different levels: level 1 - front rows; level 2 (elevation +-0,00) for people with disabilities + helper seat included; level 3 - middle and back rows; and level 4 - observation platform.
For the aboveground part shell structure made of reinforced water-resistant visible concrete was choosed and for the underground part a columns&beams structure + retaining walls structure made of reinforced water-resistant concrete was choosed.
Technical drawings of floor plans with finishing shcedule, sections, elevations, site plan, roof plan, technical details, and visualizations are provided.


Special thanks to M. Sc. Eng. Ivan Astatkov

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