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Kyonggi University
Jižní Korea

Idea projektu

SITE : Low-rise elderly housing density area in 93-3 Cheongpa-dong 1-ga,
Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

In the 2000s, the Cheongpa-dong area in Yongsan-gu has been designated as a redevelopment site several times and it seems that existing old settlements have been reorganized. However, with the subsequent failure of the redevelopment plan, the residents left the city so lost its vitality and became a ghost town. I recently conducted this project with the focus for small-scale housing readjustment project promoted by the government, moving away from the old, unorthodox redevelopment projects of large-scale apartments by adopting a full-scale redevelopment method.

Popis projektu


1. Parcel and level organization by referring to cadastral map and slope.

2. Formation of clusters by combining 2-3 parcels along the boundary of site.

3. Divide each of the three large zones by level and aggregate clusters to create courtyard spaces.

4. In courtyard spaces, it induce interaction between residents and utilize the semi-basement created by the level difference as commercial facilities.

5. Allocate openings along the center of the site and take and active gesture of openness.

Technické informace

"LEVEL DIFFERENCE" is a key factor in this project. I tried to utilize the steps that occur naturally by arranging the levels. And most of all, I was working on the project while thinking about what the residents living there actually need.

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