Sports Center, Lipovei, Timisoara, Romania

Avraam Dunareanu
UPT - Universitatea Politehnică din Timişoara, Facultatea de Arhitectură, Timişoara

Project idea

The project is located in northeastern Timisoara, the Lipovei neighborhood, an area with communist blocks. This area presents the need for a sports area.
The activity nodes in the neighborhood are made at the small playgrounds between the blocks of flats.
This project aims to integrate into contexts, by solving the problems at the community level, namely the lack of space and leisure. It was said that the site is not a private building but to make a connection of an activity node creating relationships between community and user functions.
By the complexity of the activities that can take place in the complex, the social relations develop.
The community is a continuous spectator of the activities carried out in this architecture program.

Project description

The Site is about 180m long and 60m wide in the cross of Silistra and Verde Streets. The location of the building was made in the relationship with the church, being confined in the immediate vicinity of the site. As an amplification of the perspectives already created from the church shaft creating a mineral square in relation to the church, the other part of the site being valued for the community a park area with various activities).
The complex includes various spaces such as:
-Semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool;
-Outdoor semi-Olympic pool;
-Multifunctional room (aerobics, yoga,
karate, judo, fights, dances, 6 fencing boards);
-Multifunctional terrain (minifootball, handball,
basketball, volleyball, badminton);
-2 tennis courts;
-Sauna and massage area;
-Park green area, tower for boldering,climb

Technical information

Structure of construction.
-The level of the basement and ground floor is made of reinforced concrete walls, diaphragms.
-The structure of the two volumes that make up the floor are made on the lightweight steel structure.
Reticulated spatial structure over the basin.
-Furniture Floor: Corten & Glass
The main materials used are concrete, cornet, wood and glass.


I am grateful to my coordinators: Arch. : Razvan Negrişanu, Dragos Bocan, Circa Horea. Ing. Cornel Farcas and Cristian Bejerita.

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