Here you can download documents for the project of Embassy in the Addis Abeba / Ethiopia

Documents to download

Specification for the input from students' questions:

(a) point 3.6. There will be three entrances to the plot:

· festive entrance,

· a festive trip (intended for the building) and

· entry to the residence and to the residential building. After weighing, it is not entirely appropriate to accurately determine their location. This should come from the description of communications and the placement of objects on the land. Embedding is described in the text as a space for stopping the vehicle in front of the gate to prevent normal operation.

b) The employees arrive at the KO building by a separate entry from the premises. Entry for the applicant will be a fenced gate. There will also be a security corridor that will prevent access to the premises by the location of the KO object from the fencing.

c) Staff will eat at home.

d) For waste, a separate area will be constructed which will be protected against direct sunlight and allow for the seamless disposal of public space containers for disposal / collection of municipal waste in accordance with local customs.,

e) The table in the hotel accommodation area has been a total error. The correct area should be 678 m2 + communication space 15% ie 102 m2, total 780 m2. These are the maximum table figures for the individual rooms and flats.