The Inspireli winner has been offered an internship at Ranný Architects studio in Prague!

INSPIRELI AWARDS make dreams come true. Winners can make a wish and the winner of the Architecture category wished for an internship in a European architecture studio. Architect Mojmír Ranný, the founder of RANNÝ ARCHITECTS s.r.o., helped to make this wish come true. The place in Prague is ready.

Winner of Inspireli was offered a job at Zaha Hadid Architects!

Inspireli Awards makes dreams come true. The winners get to make a wish and winning team of the Urban Design category wished for a day spent at a world’s most famous architecture studio. And on top, one of them was offered a job there.

Inspireli fulfilled Interior winner’s wish!

Inspireli Awards is making dreams come true. Inspireli achieved to fulfil the first of the 3 wishes proposed by the last year’s winners. Behrooz Nakhaei wished for obtaining funding to study Architecture at MIT in the United States and Inspireli helped to make it happen.

Student's wish: Study a master's degree at MIT

Winner of the 7th INSPIRELI AWARDS in the Interior category Behrooz Nakhaei from the Islamic Republic of Iran wishes to help with financing to study architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

COMPLETED (November 2022)

Student's wish: A visit to Zaha Hadid Architects studio in London

Winners of the 7th INSPIRELI AWARDS in the Urban design category Růžena Mašková, Jakub Tomašík, Adam Rössler from Czech Republic wishes to visit to Zaha Hadid Architects studio

COMPLETED (February 2023)

Student's wish: Internship in an European architectural studio

Winner of the 7th INSPIRELI AWARDS in the Architecture category Matvey Negoda from the Russian Federation wishes an internship in a European architectural studio

Completed (September 2023)

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