1st prize winner

„School of enlightment”

dikshya dikshya


Pulchowk Campus, Ioe,
Tribhuwan University

winning project

Ondřej Valach Lumion

Project idea

The project’s main idea was the translation of a formal educational tool “the path to enlightment” in the recent context and community. The societal context demanded a more formal approach to the planning and conceptualization, which was followed.

Project description

SITE, COMMUNITY AND PLANNING: The site is surrounded by a new expanding community of Bhaisepati, Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Designed in an area of about 23,070 sq.m., the site is facilitated by road network on its north, south and east side. The site has a natural slope of 3 meters which was left undisturbed during the design process. The school provides education for classes up to 10 and consists of two sections each [capacity= 30 per classes]. Besides the major educational houses the site needed to serve entertainment and overall growth of children, hence is facilitated with Auditorium [capacity= 600], Administration block, Multipurpose hall, Swimming pool, Dining/ cafeteria block [capacity= 168] and other supporting facilities. The overall planning was done keeping in mind the concept of enlightment which distinguished silent zones in the center or core of the site and other active areas towards the perimeter. COURTYARDS, CHAUTARIS AND PLAYGROUNDS: Integrating natural elements played an important part of a concept being nature is the source of “light”. Axis from entrance passing through temple to educational blocks were joined by courtyards and chautaris, bringing in elements of our culture. The outer courtyards gave spaces for playgrounds. A separation of facilities according to age was required and thus two playgrounds catered different age group. This further prevented chance of “bully culture”. Chautaris [Rest places] provide shade and act as buffer.

Technical information

The materials used are concrete, brick, steel, stone and tiles. Site area: 23,070 sq.m.

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