1st prize winner

„Spirit in the box”

jani jani


Polytechnic University
of Tirana, Faculty
of Architecture
and Urbanism

winning project

Ondřej Valach Lumion

Project idea

The task of design is the interior design of an apartment for an artist, in this case the artist is a sculptor. The only condition is that the project should focus on a 9x9x9 cubic meter volume. The theme of the project is living in a cube.

Project description

The artist shows in his works flexible lines, freedom and an admiration of the female figure which is often seen in his sculptures. He likes simplicity and calm neutral colors. He demanded something minimal functional. The concept of the interior is based on the soul of the artist, his versatility and admiration of curved lines translating these into a habitable environment. The curved and flexible elements of the interior represent the free spirit of the artist who revolves around the cube which represents the rigid society that does not leave much opportunity for the artist to express himself. this is expressed by an internal ladder which rises freely in the interior space and the walls that open from this ladder and collide at the sides of the cube where they create cracks, affecting in some way its rigidity.

Technical information

The project consists of an art presentation poster. Includes the concept of the interior, functional distribution in an axonometric layout, followed by plans and cross-sections to better present the development of the interior, and concludes from a perspective cut and visualized perspective views.

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