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Burkina Faso

Ecole Africaine Des Métiers D'architecture
Et D'urbanisme (EAMAU) A Lomé (Togo)

winning project

Ondřej Valach Lumion

Project idea

GEOGRAPHICAL CONTEXT Burkina Faso is a Sahelian country located in the heart of French West Africa. Ouagadougou, the capital city, has a savannah landscape with a rough urbanization, and both modern and traditional habitats arranged in a somewhat anarchic way. Behind these urban facades with a slightly modern look lies a history tinged with culture and rich tradition. ENHANCEMENT OF THE SITE A simple, functional design, connected to its environment, inscribes our proposal in a logic of interrelation between architectural design, culture and sustainable development. The existing equipment, although obsolete, bears witness to a history. It has forged a link with the community that must never be broken. All the work carried out aims to create a public space adapted to the needs of this community, while avoiding distorting the equipment itself. The aim is not to erase everything in order to rewrite it, but rather to make the existing space more pleasant, while preserving the features of a lived past, which guarantees the identity of the space. CONCEPT Dance, especially the mask dance, is an inseparable part of Burkinabe culture. The mask dance takes place during traditional ceremonies to mark a particular event or a new season. Thus the mask would be a notable symbol of the Burkinabe culture that could translate "renewal", which is why it is central to our conception. Concerning homogeneity and socio-cultural integration, simple volumes are thought, fitting perfectly with the existing. In order to do so, we have immersed ourselves in the traditional architecture present in the region, and the spatial distribution of the surrounding buildings, while seeking to minimize the impact on nature. We have also designed a pavilion which is a temporary structure made from recycled materials, designed to house practical artistic activities, exhibitions and sales, for the local community. This is to enhance the craftsmanship which occupies an important place.

Project description

SYNTHESIS All of the work responds to the desire to integrate the project into its environment. Thus, a succession of accessible and interconnected spaces has been thought out in order to create links between the city, the natural landscape and the public space. All of the measures envisaged aim to develop a simple, efficient and comfortable project for users. This approach is closely linked to the architectural design and not to a series of elements added incongruously to the project. The concept is oriented towards values specific to Burkina Faso.

Technical information

CONSTRUCTIVE MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES The choice of materials and technical devices responds to the idea behind the architectural project. We are in a Burkinabe context where means and resources are very limited. This is why we have opted for materials that are biosourced from recyclable and recycled materials. It is important to specify that even the concrete blocks resulting from the demolition of part of the equipment are reused to shape spaces. In the landscape, masks can be seen on the facade but also from a view from above. These choices anchor the project in its cultural, historical and urban context.

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