Woodcraft school campus

Petra Hertl, Ana Skobe
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana

Project idea

Woodworking in Bohinj valley, Slovenia has a long and rich tradition. Today young people are leaving this place for the formal education and training they can’t find here. They go to other cities or abroad. With the proposal, the campus woodcraft school, we try to respond to the need for education program and preserving traditions. The school creates a new center of knowledge in lower Bohinj valley, using a degraded location in the middle of a forest and in immediate vicinity of the main road.

Project description

By interweaving work and living, the school offers a quality learning environment connected with the nature. What is more, it also integrates the local population. The campus consists of two poles, the first is situated on the degraded forest clearing, the second is near the main road which connects villages of Ribčev Laz and Bohinj Bistrica. Both poles are interconnected through a forest path along which all school programs are deployed; working and dormitory places on the clearing and accompanying program by the main road. The latter can be used also by the locals.
With a mixture of modern and traditional, collaboration with the local people and attractive program the main aim of the craft school is to contribute to development and conservation of the rich tradition of woodworking in Bohinj valley.

Technical information

The main pavillions reinterpret the legally obliged gable roof. They function as studios for woodcraft students and are made mainly of local materials, which include wood.



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