Kromtrekken Hotel

Patrick Tjandra

Project idea

KROMTREKKEN HOTEL presents as a pioneer building to support the densely populated activites in city center of Bandung City by initiated Pedestrian Oriented idea to reach Bandung City's goal as a walkable city.

The podium facade adapt Art Deco style to adjust the surrounding environment while the tower also adapt the Art Deco style but finished by double-sided glass to blurring the tower by the sky. The idea is to presents the skyline of Bandung City in the past when the city is filled Art Deco buildings without hi-rise tower.

Project description

Located in Merdeka Street, the site connects between two sides of the city, Juanda Street that filled by shady trees and parts of the city with historical buildings on Merdeka Street to Braga Street.

Bandung has many tourist attraction that are centered to the site.
1. The fresh cool air which is available naturally in the city
2. The Historical Building for Heritage Street Walk
3. The Culinary Feast
These three points were applied to the hotel design. (the next explanation is in the diagram)

Technical information

This project includes :
1. Technical Drawing (ex: Blockplan, Siteplan, Section, etc.)
2. Architectural Drawing (ex: Elevation, Site Section, etc.)
3. Visualization (ex: Diagram, Perspective, etc.)


Lucky Prasetyo, IAI (Mentor)

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