Yaniris Arlette Cruz Martínez
Christopher Columbus University

Project idea

The complex of the Czech Embassy in Addis Ababa will be a business card of the Czech Republic. Its mission will be mainly the cultural level of the state and the traditions of the country. Creating a place where foreigners can learn basic information about the history. Astrolabio aims to create a dynamic space that in turn has an important meaning for the Czech Republic.

Project description

The main reason for basing the design of the project on an astrolabe is an unquestionable star of the Tower of the Old Town Hall in Prague is its astronomical clock, this clock makes many tourists and gather a diary just to contemplate it. With this it is seen that it is a good symbol to represent the Czech Republic.

The composition of the project is radially creating 5 separate elements that give us the pattern to create the required buildings with a central wall are kept in a certain way together and this also gives us the representation of the hands as they are an important element for the astronomical clock, in turn I help to create the exterior design of the complex giving us as a result different paths in which the people inside the complex can have a calm flow having interaction with nature and with different recreational areas. Part of the land rises to two meters from level 0 creating access ramps to the different areas with the aim of providing greater privacy to each of the buildings.

The land is divided into two main parts where in one part are the official building of the embassy, the visa and consulate building, the residence and the apartment building for the embassy staff each with different entrances to have a control access to the complex and in the second part is the local workforce building with visitor parking.

The local materials reinforce the sustainability of the project: For some of the facades they have steel structures with a copper color and with this create an experience in which people feel that they are inside an astrolabe. Concrete for walls and some bamboo roofing was also considered for the parking of the official building of the embassy and a roof that joins the two buildings of local labor force. Taking into account sustainability, alternative energies are used, such as solar panels and eco-technologies, such as rainwater collection.

Technical information

The proposed structure for astrolabe is a base of:

1) Columns of Concrete together with the central wall of the project as loading wall. Concrete is a material
2) Steel beams
3) Slab based on the steel.
4) Drywall dividing walls.
5) Foundations with running shoe

It is a system of work, from one side to another, from one side to another, from one side to another, from one side to another.

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