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Santiago Hernán Tadeo Abate, Fernanda Agostina Langella, Bernardo López Gonzalez
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Project idea

The embassy of Czech Republic in Addis Ababa, Ethiopy is generated from a big public space surrounded by buildings, placed in “L”, generating privacy by using a stratification of functions in two levels and separating public and private spaces, with a big wall that also creates volumes like the auditories and the consular and visa building.

Project description

The proyect is composed by four volumes that performe six functions.
1)Service residence( half private) with their recreation spaces are in the main level. The vehicular access is through a ramp by the east.
2)Ambassador residence (private) with his recreation space is in the main level. The vehicular access is through a ramp by the west and the exit is by the east.

Main floor:
3) Consular and visa building (public) it counts with a double height and an access park wich is in the south.
4)Office building (half private) It has a view to the big public space. The employees get in from the groundfloor by a ramp wich is next to the service residence building.
5) Reoresentation building (private) with a view to the big public space. It counts with an elevator and stairs that communicates both levels.
6) Local force building (half private). Is in the land wich is in front of the principal building. It has two parts; a public one, wich counts with Wcs and a workshop space, destinated to the ethiopian poblation-, and a
Private part. Here live the service employees of the embassy.
The entry provition (at different levels) is due to keeping the privacy and guaranteeing the correct communication between parts. Separating private part to the south and de half private by the north.

Technical information

As to materiality, the inside walls are made of traditional bricks. The building has very large windows, wich are protected by a metallic skin, whose function is to generating privacy and a solar light filter.
The over roof’s function is to unify spaces and generating shadows.

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