The Tower

Talebi Ardestani, Atusa Cecilia. - Sant Siles Luisina
Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo, Tucumán

Project idea

The idea starts by taking two icons of Czech Republic " the towers and the old town square". From that, we organized the Project with four buildings articulated by towers. Each tower is the accesses of its respective building. These, in turn, form a space inside that makes reference to theOld Town Square of Prague and that Will be the courtyard of representative events

Project description

The main element of the proyect is the tower, taken from the Antique city of Prague as an icon, we tried to redifine it morphologicaly, starting from a basic prism to wich we perform until we reach the finally shape, representative as the typical towers with chapitel of Prague

Technical information

The skin of the tower is made of punched metal and the design of it is about the art and the culture of Ethiopia. This one combines the tradition of ethiopian tribes with africans drawings. What we are looking for is that the tower Will be able to represent bouth countries.

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