Family house Hostivař

Alice Šindelářová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The aim of this bachelor´s thesis is to design a three-member family house in
Hostivař in Prague. The site is located where a garden centre used to be and it has a slight slope to the south. The area is surrounded mostly by blocks of flats and on the northern side of the site, there is a regional railway, which is separated by a high concrete wall.

Project description

The design of the house is based both on the surrounding buildings as well as the client´s demands. The mass is split into four parts. The first part has one floor and is meant for the married couple, the second has two floors - downstairs for the investor´s mother, who uses a wheelchair, and upstairs for when his children and grandchildren come to visit. The third part is a garage for two cars. All the parts connect to the winter garden which is meant as a place where all the generations can meet.
The placement of the house on the site and its shape divides the garden into three different parts - a public one, a private one and a garden for the mother. There is also a garden house, a place to grow vegetables and a swimming lake.
Nobody lives forever so there is possible to separate the mother´s part including the garden and rent it.

Technical information

Floor heating is used in the object including the winter garden thanks to heat pump on the basis water - air. Rain water is collected into underground collector where is filtrated and goes to swimming lake or is used for watering plants in the garden.


Petr Lédl

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