The Embassy of the Czech Republic Addis Abeba

Jakub Pagacz, Sonia Ziębowicz, Kamil Pabjan, Paweł Mytnik, Krzysztof Przybyłko
Cracow Technical University (Politechnika Krakowska), Kraków

Project idea

The Embassy of the Czech Republic should make its appearance in the history of the country, it should refer to the spatial layout of the former medieval cities existing in those regions, while the cultural heritage of the Czech Republic was formed and the first urban layouts were shaped. The elliptical system results from the layouts of medieval Czech cities. Many old towns or centers of larger cities have such systems to this day. So, wanting to refer to this country, we decided to move the ellipse to our project. There is also an orthogonal layout of streets in reference to the aforementioned history and an orthogonal modular grid, on the basis of which building projections were created.

Project description

We want to start describing the project from the ambassador's building. There are 24 rooms on the ground floor. The entrance was located on the eastern side. After entering the embassy on the right we can use the toilet, while on the left there are two rooms functioning as meeting / waiting rooms. Next, we enter the spacious hall. We will notice in it an interior illumination of tree-shaped rooms, the so-called skylight. Right next to it there are stairs leading to the first floor. To the right of the entrance and the lobby, we enter a separate corridor from which we can go to three successively located representative lounges, each with an area of 20m2. There is a cloakroom next to it. Directly from the entrance there is a lift and next to it a staircase leading to the next floors. In the lobby there are also 2 toilets. From the south side, we notice another room which is the main representative dining room with appropriately separated kitchen and social rooms. The largest room in the room described is the conference room. Directly from the conference room, we can enter the room with internal equipment. On the first floor there are 14 offices. We will also find 2 rooms with a printer, magazine, and 2 secretariats. There are also toilets, meeting room and kitchens.

Another building is a residence. We go from the north. The large hall was connected to the main dining room and living room. A kitchen is also available. There is also a pantry next to the kitchen. We can leave the locker room to the right of entry. Subsequently, ladies' and men's toilets. An office can be seen next to them. Opposite the office and next to the locker room there is a boiler room with a laundry room. On the first floor there are 4 bedrooms. Two of them have a private bathroom. The large open hall contains dining rooms, kitchens and a rest area.

Hotel for employees of the embassy from the Czech Republic. The entrance to the building is located on the south side. We enter the large hall, which is connected to the public kitchen. On the right side there are stairs leading to the first floor. On the ground floor there are 2 apartments, two rooms, one apartment that contains four rooms and one with three rooms. Each apartment contains one bathroom. Warehouses have been located from the north-west.
Consulate. We will enter it from the west. At the entrance, we will be greeted by a large hall, which serves as a waiting room. Straight ahead, we can go to the reception. There is a social room next to it, along with a toilet and shower. From this room, we can also go outside the building. Two consul rooms were located, both with an area of 18m2. At the end of the lobby there are two offices. An archive was located next to it. There is a toilet just outside the entrance. On the first floor there are 4 apartments, 2 of them with three rooms, one with 4 rooms and one apartment with two rooms. The host's room was also located. In the middle of the hall there is a kitchenette. There is also a terrace with an area of 41m2

Hotel for workers from Ethiopia. The entrance to the building was located on the eastern side. The lobby with the staircase greets us. To the right of the entrance from the separated corridor there were toilets, showers, boiler room, laundry, kitchen with a dining room and a workshop to which we can also enter from the north side of the building. In the southern part of the building there are 2 social flats - each with a kitchen and a dining room, a rest area, a bathroom and a bedroom. The identical layout of the southern part was designed on the first floor.

The buildings are made of reinforced concrete. The main finishing materials are: concrete, stone and wood. Wooden poles harmonize with the elevation of concrete with the reflected stone. The interiors were partly finished with concrete l, but some rooms needed finishing with plaster. Roofs made in reverse roof technology, which allows you to finish it with vegetation

Technical information

The project contains conceptual drawings depicting land development (with recreation places located around the ellipse), projections of individual storeys of buildings (embassy, hotel for workers from the Czech Republic, housing for local employees, ambassador's estate and consulate), cross-sections and elevations of the above-mentioned buildings, visualisations and diagrams . The project was made using a computer technique.


Jakub Pagacz, Sonia Ziębowicz, Kamil Pabjan, Paweł Mytnik, Krzysztof Przybyłko

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