Czech Embassy

Ecole Nationale d'Architecure de Strasbourg

Project idea

In a chaotic urban context, it seemed important to provide a construction with an intelligible structure. That’s why the composition is orthogonal, and each element of the complex make the project fitted in its surrounding. Moreover, it was essential to make all those elements enjoy the garden.

Project description

All the representative spaces of the embassy are on the ground floor to get a direct relation with the garden. Offices are elevated on those spaces and the consular building, which work within the site perimeter. Not only it creates an entrance space in the plot but also the raised construction gives a status to the complex so we can identify it as a particular and an important element in the city. Monumental shading system allows the offices to get privacy for security reasons and to not have direct views from the city or the residential part. Those tall strips of concrete also make the identity of the project.

The residence is implanted in the southeast corner in a way that create a private and an intimate part of the plot. Volumetry makes the guests clearly identify reception and private part of the house. The first leading to the rest of the plot and the second is articulated around a tree to provide qualities to the interior. Staff apartments are split in several building of two apartments, all inhabitants have a terrace or leads directly to the garden.

Technical information

All buildings are built in concrete. It delivers unity, so the complex can be perceived as a whole.