Noam Agami

Project idea

The project deals with the relationship between Ethiopia and the Czech Republic, which meets at the connection between planes. Ethiopia, as a host country, gives the Czech Republic, protection and inclusion, but also allows space for open dialogue and cooperation, exposure and familiarity.

Project description

The proposed embassy design aims to create an orthogonal system within the natural surrounding. this design distinguishes the structures and provides a pleasant and comfortable space for embassy. However, it gives a public space within it that respects and thanks the host country.

Technical information

The architectural language is driven by plains. When the line element has the power to separate but also creates breaks of separation, that creates connections. The plains operate as two systems, which define the different spaces. The masses are spread between the plains, and in accordance with them. the design produce various external and internal areas. The location of the plains was influenced by the existing surface conditions - location of the trees, creation of pools and micro-climate in the area, and consideration of open and roofed areas.

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