Embassy of Czech Republic in Addis Abeba

Klaudia Dudzik, Maciej Lata, Anna Swietkowska, Milosz Futyna
Wroclaw University of Technology, (Politechnika Wrocławska), Faculty of Architecture, Wrocław

Project idea

Our goal was to combine the idea of representative building inspired by Czech Cubism with spaces open to public as well as private zones. The whole design was based on the safety restrictions and urban structure of the surrounding of Addis Abeba. We were inspired by colors that appear on the National Flag of Czech Republic, which you can find on the panels we used to cover the facade of our building.

Project description

Firstly we focused on designing special zones with limited access. We created open to public square in front of main building (official), from where it is possible to enter it. The square is also separated from the street with mobile fence and gates which can be closed in case of emergency. We have also provided private zones for the embassy staff, residence inhabitants and local workers with necessary facilities. On the other hand we have also created semi-private zones, that require approval to access. The geometry of our buildings perfectly separates mentioned above areas. From each building it is possible to enter gardens or green spaces. There are parking lots provided for visitors of embassy as well as consulate, also some closed garages for staff and inhabitants. It is possible to access the plot from 5 entrances, each of them is secured. The location of entrances can be found at the land development plan.

Technical information

Construction of the main building - walls and ceilings are based on reinforced concrete. Facade is covered with steel and cor-ten panels which are perforated to let the light inside the building.
Rest of the buildings are constructed in reinforced concrete as well, and the facade is made out of prefabricated concrete panels.
All of the details regarding landscape, structure, buildings and areas are provided in attached spreads.


Maciej Lata, Anna Swietkowska, Milosz Futyna

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