The area of castle Liteň / nearby Beroun, Czech

Jakub Strejc
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The proposal deals with the chateau complex in the village Liteň, which is located near the town of Beroun. The aim of the project is to use free and neglected places in the area and bring new functions and features to the land and the village.

Project description

The existing ruin of the cowshed building will be replaced by a new two-storey building, which should partly serve as a music school and partly as a learning and design center for the design and build center. The subtle appearance is supported by a white sheet facade.

The neglected mansion garden belonging to the castle should in future be used for the construction and realization of design and build program students' proposals and possible extension of student accommodation.

The open space of the chateau courtyard will serve for the construction of a multifunctional hall designed for theaters, concerts and musical performances, which also has an outdoor staircase for maximum use of the building.

Technical information

2x perspective
1x axonometry of the area
1x situation of the area
2x floorplan
1x section
2x view
1x area concept
1x matter concept

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