Samual Lau, Kelly Tan, Sem Wei Jie
Temasek Polytechnic

Project idea

Just looking at the building's outlook. We considered how it will react to weather changes, environmental, climate changes. It was designed to be future ready, and capable to growing more as not only to become a place of intercultural interaction, but also a solid ground for political developments and globalisation. A diverse number of plants, materials, and design styles have been fused together only to form the best building exteriors and landscape possible.

Project description

The circulation of weather elements and human has been carefully studied and incorporated into making the space conducive, effective, and efficient. From the sun paths to the wind movements, to the views. From the way one would walk in the compound, to how one would drive through it. Everything has been thought through to the best of our capacity.

Technical information



The landscape design and selection of trees are done by Ms Kelly Tan. (Temasek Polytechnic Environment Design Student)
The recreational building exterior design is by Mr Issac Sem Wei Jie. (Temasek Polytechnic Environment Design Student)
The main embassy building exterior design is done by Mr Samuel Lau Ee Bin. (Temasek Polytechnic Environment Design Student)

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