Church in Sekerkovy Loučky village

Šárka Müller
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The subject of the master thesis is a design of a church in Sekerkovy Loučky village in Mírová pod Kozákovem municipality in the north of the Czech Republic. The plot is located in built-up part of the village, near the old village center and a close proximity of a pond. Designed building is supposed to be a new cultural and landscape monument, which is reflected in the expressive mass and in the overall architectural design. The church follows current landscape composition and creates a new landmark. It also respects the village appearance of its surroundings. Scale of the church comes out of scale of buildings in the neighborhood. Part of the design is dedicated to a solution of an immediate surroundings. The newly designed Way of the Cross leads from the old village center through the church plaza alongside the pond to the new residential area. This route allows easier movement for pedestrians through the village and also adds an interesting story.

Project description

With the design of a new residential area in the Mírová pod Kozákovem municipality came the need of a new landmark. Since there is no church in the municipality, only small religious landmarks – chapels in the center of villages or alongside of the roads, the new church is the answer to the question how to create new center of the village.
The main inspiration comes from the boats. In this case boat to another world. The shape of the church should commemorate that there is smoothing more than us. On the other hand the glass transparent façade invites all people inside to experience something out of their minds. The church is designed to welcome for the Christian churches – not only for Catholic, but also for Protestant or Orthodox believers.
The surroundings of the church is designed as a simple paved plaza. In the south off the church there is a small pond, and is used as simple, village and natural background of the church scenery. The route around the pond is used as the Way of the Cross.

Technical information

Whole structure is combination of two materials - reinforced concrete and steel. The two towers in the northeast and southwest part of the church work as a solid core of reinforced concrete to hold the entire weight of the roof. Roof is made of steel ropes hanged between the cores with suspended steel columns. This solution is designed to make one space with no inner separations.

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