Ido Raif

Project idea

Imagine you walk along floating walls, the walls do not touch but you can. You look through them and see happenings through them. They will tell you a story if you look. You see the floor below you, look for a moment up to the floor above you and see familiar. At the end of the walls you recognize a spark, but you still have a way to go...

My project deals with the different planes of material, color and thickness, which are detached from each other and thus create a unique experience of levitation, ventilation, flood of light and peeping along the way. I got the idea of ​​hovering from watching the Polka dance and Ecstasy dance, one from the Czech Republic and the other from Ethiopia.

The dance and hovering thought I wanted to realize in the embassy building so that it would serve as a center for meetings, enriching and enriching interactions, as well as a center of relaxation for embassy staff and guests.

Project description

I chose to spread the various functions across the field in order to create a sense of tension between the various elements and also allow them coexisting side by side. The central mass of the Ambreture building is located in the northern part of the lot at the point of gravity. When the ambassador's house is located on the edge of the lot, and these create an intimate and intimate garden for receiving guests and receptions.
The embassy staff is located in the south-eastern part of the lot, followed by the consulate which is accessible to the street. Finally, in the southwestern part of the lot are the residence of a local staff.

Technical information

Technical rooms are located at the underground floor

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