Village municipal house with restaurant

Petr Müller
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The subject of the master thesis is a design of a new municipal house with restaurant, which is located in a new residential area between two villages - Vesec and Smrčí. Both of them are part of Mírová pod Kozákovem municipality in the north of the Czech Republic. The creation of the new meeting center for the whole municipality is the goal of this design, together with consideration of the scale of the landscape and other houses in the neighborhood. Using traditional principles of village architecture of the Bohemian Paradise area and their transformation is essential for the new, contemporary design of the village municipal house.

Project description

At the beginning there was a need for new ideas of urban development in the municipality. In light of this fact, design of a new residential area was created together with representative center of the new part of the village. The new center is designed not only for quick drivethrough, but also is there a great potential for village people to meet . The municipal house with its volume creates an end to the long village center and thus becomes an urban dominant.
The municipal house is divided into two units – restaurant and culture hall. The division is clearly seen – the restaurant is based on traditional principles of the area. That means sloping roof in angle 45 degrees, rectangular base in 2:1 ratio. The other unit – culture hall is designed with a different approach. Because of its great volume, big part of the house is concealed underground and therefore does not disturb the grace of the Czech landscape. In addition the roof is designed to be green and accessible by public. The whole house is united through the façade cladding of wooden boards.
The main entrance is from the village center from a paved plaza, which can be also used for markets, cultural performances and also as an additional space for the restaurant in summer period. The parking lot is located behind the house, but easily accessible through the other entrance. Both the restaurant and culture hall is accessible through the hall. The culture hall is designed to be perfectly adjustable to any cultural event – theatre, concert, projection, dance ball. There is no fixed stage, or any other fixed furniture. Everything can be removed from the hall and stored in large storage rooms. Any additional furniture or equipment can be easily transported directly from the parking lot through the ramp.
The restaurant has two floors. Second floor is hanged from wooden frames, which creates open space for the whole restaurant. This solution is not only visually interesting, but also creates perfect condition for air circulation.
In conclusion, the building is designed to represent typical features of local architecture in contemporary design but also creates landmark which subtly fits into the landscape.

Technical information

Main structure is made of wooden frames. In the restaurant there are triple-joint frames, in the hall there are double-joint frames. Frames in the culture hall are placed on the basement wall, which are made of reinforced concrete. All non-public areas in the building are design with walls and ceiling made of reinforced concrete.

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