The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia

Tereza Horová
CTU in Prague - Faculty of Civil Engineering
Czech Republic

Project idea

The idea of the project was to create a new urbanism on the plot. There are two paths around which the designed objects are situated. On the eastern side of the plot, a main entrance was created and a main exit is situatedon the other side. From the south, an arrival for the residents was created. The main goal was to create a private and representative garden that would be separated from the access road and created an „oasis“ of peace and relaxation.
The next idea was to create a stained glass windows in representative parts of buildings because it is a symbol of the Czech Republic.

Project description

The land was divided into two parts, both fenced. On one part there is an object for local forces and on the other there are four separate objects - embassy, residence, consular and visa object, accessible directly from the street and apartment building for employees. An access road was created in the northern part of the plot and the main buildings are deployed along it. These buildings will clear the rest of the plot from an access road and create representative and private garden. A tennis and volleyball court, a swimming pool, a tukul and a children's playground were created in the garden. Then there is an object in the garden where garden equipment is stored.

Technical information

The object for local forces is a brick one-storey building with a flat roof. There are 4 apartments and a common area where there is a workshop, a kitchen with a dressing room, sanitary facilities and a laundry room. Parking is provided next to the object.
The apartment building is a brick three-storey building with a flat roof. There is parking lot and technical rooms in the first above-ground floor and there is a column system. This floor is passable. There are apartments of various sizes in the second above-ground floor, with 2 of them (4 + 1) being a maisonette. The second and the third above-ground floors are a wall system.
The residence is a brick two-storey building with a flat roof and walkl system. On the first above-ground floor there is a representative space and a guest room, on the second above-ground floor there is a high standard apartment 5 + 1 for the ambassador with the family. There is also a terrace. Parking for this object is provided underground.
The embassy is a brick two-storey building with a flat roof and a column system. In the first above-ground floor there are representative spaces and an office section D. From a representative dining room and a social hall there is direct access to the garden. On the second above-ground floor there is an office section A, B and C. Parking is provided underground as well as technical rooms and rooms for drivers.
The last object is a consular and visa object, which is located in the northeast of the plot. It is a brick one-storey building with a flat roof. For visitors it is accessible directly from the street and for employees from fenced land. Parking is provided on the street.
All these buildings have cement screed as a plaster.
Material, which is used for paths for walkers, is terraway. The surface of the parking under the apartment building is from grass paving. Roads are from concrete and the rest of the plot is grass.


This project was developed as a part of the course AT03 under the guidance of Ing. arch. Vojtěch Dvořák and Ing. arch. Pavel Filsak.

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