abel mulusew
Jimma university

Project idea

The physical and ideological representation of the two states
Architectural trend
On the official building more concert and stone materials is used in the outer layer of the building with less proportions of glass work to show the domination of early European architecture over the new modern and contemporary architecture of the Czech Republic.
And all building forms are horizontal and painted with white color, an ideological representation of peace fullness of the Czech Republic.
The residences are designed by the integration of both Czech end Ethiopian architectural land marks. The form is an inspiration of the LALIBELA rock hewn and by adding European architectural merits on the facade.
The main idea of the project is to reflect the culture, economy and architectural traditions of the two countries at the same time the aim of the project is to design an embassy complex which will provide a suitable living environment and working space for the employees of the embassy as well the neighborhood of the site.

Project description

As the required five buildings were designed with a suitable location .the zoning of each
The living and the official embassy buildings has individual entrances .the two zones were divided with a green buffer by both existing and proposed plantations.
The main entrance of the building location on the southern part of the site and the consular and visa entrance is located separately from the main entrance.
Most of the buildings were NS oriented and building parts which are exposed to a harsh sun are protected with a horizontal sun breakers and a green mesh.

Technical information

Building materials: use of natural materials stone and wood for façade and interior spaces.
There are various ways to ensure the products and materials i use as green as Possible, as the building becomes more energy efficient and demands less power the Proportion of the carbon (potential to pollute) embodied in the building materials becomes a greater proportion of the whole and so the choice of natural materials becomes more important. i also think that natural materials offer proven performance and are better for the more natural materials are used on the design.
And green mesh on the glazed part of the official building is used to ensure a better working environment plus adding an aesthetic value of the building.
Respecting the landscape
Integrating the building with the landscape so that it can have minimal impact in the Existing environment, natural habitat and terrain (Less cut and fill)
Heating system
Thermal mass - Masonry walls which can help to absorb sun radiation and cool the space in the day time and release the heat at night creating warm indoor environment
Natural light and ventilation (energy efficiency)
Provision of natural light and ventilation for all rooms using wider openings and sky lights to lit up the stairways and reception area.
Renewable energy sources
Solar energy system for water heating and partial lighting of buildings Provision of rain water retention cisterns so that we can reuse it for site irrigation.
Green roof garden
Accessible green roof is designed in the official part of the building which can help to keep the building cooler.
Water management
Site sustainability and effective waste management systems
Rainwater harvesting: Accumulation and storage of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to run off and it will be collected with underground cistern for later reuse.

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