Embassy of Czech Republic

Robin Serrao
University of South Australia UniSA

Project idea

I have chosen few elements from the Czech Republic and Ethiopia, the exterior of my building is made of one material relating to monolithic churches of Lalibela and the interior wall in some places id painted in bright colors because of the bright colors used in buildings of Czech Republic

Project description

I hear about this project in the month of March 2019 and when I took up the project there was not much information given about the site or the context so it was a quest for me to find out about it and understand about the city and country which was a good learning experience, plus after a lot of searching I got connected to a guy in Ethiopia and he gave me some information about the site which helped me to understand the context and that's how I started to design so the whole structure is built with RCC which I wanted to make it look monolithic and the interior is I painted with bright colours in a few places which is a contrast and also I have made the public and private with the use of thick walls to define the zones

Technical information

The material is mainly is RCC and french windows with glass and few balconies are made of glass and stainless steel, the master plan is divided into two blocks one is the embassy block and one is residentially separated by amenity spaces

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